Promotion Tree

During the Corona lockdown, while writing the conclusions of my PhD thesis I thought it would have been cool tracing back the tree of my promoters. I started looking the year that both my promoters defended their thesis and who were their promoters. I went recursively back of almost two centuries, before deciding it was enough. It was surprising for me to figure out that while it was easy to find data about very old scholars (e.g. until 1950) and very young scholars (e.g. after the 1980s) it was most difficult to find information about the scholars between 1950 and 1980.  But after a strenuous research, I managed to find all the info I needed to go back in the genealogical tree.

Although simple the tree is quite exciting. In particular, it was exciting to find out that both my Dutch branch and german branch they rejoined at one point in the 1880s, and that the scholars of the Dutch universities also back then were highly connected to the ones of the German and Belgian universities. It was also really surprising to find out the development of the research for almost two centuries. Two centuries ago there was no computer science, but that stemmed from mathematics and logic. Similarly, there was no education science, as that originated from psychology, philosophy and logic.

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