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EATEL doctoral academy award 2018

On Thursday 6th September 2018, at the EC-TEL 2018 conference happening in Leeds, the U.K. I was awarded the EATEL doctoral academy "Martin Wolpers" award 2018.

The Martin Wolpers student award grants EUR 700 to the research project of the most promising young researcher to either present his/her work at an international conference or to participate in a relevant educational activity to further support the awardee’s to progress in her/his professional career.

The competition for this award took place at JTEL summer school where each PhD student had to pitch their PhD project highlighting contributions, obstacles and main research question. I pitched a 2-slides presentation which was considered convincing enough by the jury to assign me the award!

I suspect that was for the Pink Floyd's wall that Jan, my supervisor convinced me to use as a symbol for the obstacles I need to break during my PhD Journey.

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