eTwinning data project - Seville, Spain

The 29-39th November 2017 I was invited to join the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission located in Seville, Spain. There, I took place in an expert task-force organised by the JRC which aimed to gather ideas for further development of the eTwinning platform.

The eTwinning platform is operative since 2005 and puts in contact more than half-million teachers all over Europe, affiliated with almost 200 thousand schools. Since 2005 almost 67 thousand projects were initiated. Besides project initiation and management, the platform is also used also as a social networking site for teachers. The taskforce about eTwinning was organised by the JRC - the research unit of the European Commission - to brainstorm how to best quantify the impact of the eTwinning programme, based on the empirical data and intervention. The JRC is seeking to use different learning analytics techniques on the available dataset, as well as comparison with other existent datasets and questionnaires to be sent to the participants.

The JRC Seville was established in Seville, Spain in 1994, in the old premises of the Expo (1992). This is one of the European offices located in Spain. It counts now more than 350 people which study the impact of digital technologies in different fields of society, including education.


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