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Guest visit at Carnegie Mellon University

In February 2022 I was invited to present at The Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, United States.  The HCII institute is one of the largest and most renowned institutes in the field of Education Technologies, Human-Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence in Education.

I was invited to present in the group led by Prof Vincent Aleven. In his talk, entitled "Artificial Intelligence and Multimodal Learning Experiences for Supporting Distance Learning", to present the newly formed topic cluster in Artificial Intelligence in Education formed at the DIPF, its current research projects, foci and directions. The presentation was a chance to update on the existing Leibniz funded project ALICE.

The visit to the CMU was also an opportunity to meet with eminent researchers including Dr Ken Holstein and Dr Haiyi Zhu, two research lab directors in the field of Human AI interaction and design. The collaboration is grounded on the affinity of Dr Zhu's teaching course at CMU "Human AI Interaction" with EduTec's seminar "Responsible AI for Human Support" at Goethe University. Already in November 2021, I was invited to hold a guest lecture on AI in Education. Meeting in Pittsburgh in person gave me the chance to exchange ideas for future developments of the courses and to strengthen the relations between the CMU and DIPF.

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