Invited talk at the University of The Philippines


On June 19th, I was invited to give an online talk at the University of the Philippines. The title of my talk was "Intelligent Tutors, Learning Analytics, and Multimodal Technologies," and it served as the kickoff guest lecture for the webinar series hosted by the Intelligent Systems Center of the University of the Philippines. At its peak, the lecture had over 170 participants connected online.

During the talk, I discussed how learners in the twenty-first century need continuous instruction and timely feedback to develop their competencies. In situations where human experts are not readily available, Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems can offer automatic, personalized, and real-time feedback to learners in distance learning settings. This allows learners to practice at their own pace while receiving continuous feedback. Moreover, AI feedback can extend beyond traditional cognitive tasks to provide input on physical learning tasks by integrating with immersive and multimodal technologies such as Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) or sensor-based systems.

I summarized the main insights of my research in AI in education and Multimodal Learning Analytics (MMLA), introducing the concept of "Multimodal Tutors". I demonstrated how MMLA can support distance teaching and learning with personalized feedback and adaptation. Through relevant use cases, I illustrated how AI and immersive technologies can be used to enhance feedback. Finally, I presented my research agenda for augmenting feedback with AI and how it can provide personalized and adaptive support to learners and teachers.