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Creative ideas for using AI in Education

Just looked at this #OpenAccess book, which proposes a crowdsourced collection of tools for creatively using AI in education ->

Almost all ideas revolve around genAI tools like ChatGPT, Midjourney, and DALLE2.

It was an exciting read, but I found no mention of adaptive learning, intelligent tutoring or learning analytics.

In other words, I feel there is quite a large gap between the practitioner AIEd - which is rooted in the GenAI era - and the more classic AIEd research.

Why is that so?

The first possible explanation is that classic AIEd tools, like intelligent tutoring systems, are less powerful and mainstream than GenAI models.

These tools remain relatively niche; they are generally unknown or perceived as not immediate, applicable or creative.

Another possible explanation is that educators are being carried away by the new technology trends such as GenAI.

This would mean that using GenAI tools in class is generally not addressing any fundamental learning need. Instead, it is a way to learn about new technologies.

In conclusion, either AIEd research has been off-road for many years, or the new education technologies based on GenAI are not necessarily addressing relevant educational problems but, instead, are the educators' response to the #AIhype.

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