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#LAK16 in 10 tweets


Last week 6th Learning Analytics & Knowledge Conference 2016 (LAK16) took place in the beautiful city Edinburgh, Scotland.

The conference has seen a record-breaking number of attendees and submissions which are collected in the proceedings.

I took part in the pre-conference and the conference sessions with the delegation of the Open University in The Netherlands.

In this post  the highlights of my participation to the conference by selecting 10 tweets.

Warm welcome in Edinburgh University

Visual Learning Pulse presentation

My paper and poster presentation in the pre-conference workshop CrossLAK Learning Analytics across Digitial and Physical spaces

OUnl wins best-paper and best-poster award

The DELICATE checklist written by Greller and Drachsler was awarded as best conference paper.

Similarly the xAPI recipe poster created by Berg and Scheffel was awarded as the best.

Educational Data Mining with Python and Spark

On Tuesday took place an hands on tutorial for doing machine learning and data mining with educational datasets using Python, Pandas and Spark.

Inspirational presentations

Generally LAK16 was an inspiration hub. It was extremely useful to take inspiration from the presentations, such the visualization below.

Learning Analytics Hackaton

In the two pre-conference days the LAK hackaton take place focunsing on visualizations on xAPI data and on interoperability between data standards.

Prof. Kirschner's keynote

Paul Kirschner, distinguished professor at the OUnl, was the second keynote of the conference and presented the risks and the challenges of Learning Analytics.

8 Visions for Learning Analytics

LAK16 was a place to envision the direction of future Learning Analytics.

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